A brief introduction to the performance characteristics of roller motor


In today's machinery, the configuration of the motor is […]

In today's machinery, the configuration of the motor is almost impossible. So, what are the advantages of mechanically configuring a roller motor? 1, ultra low noise roller motor adopts double column type high rigidity structure, even under high load condition, it is also strong, no deformation, little vibration and low noise. 2, the highly reliable electromagnetic system of roller motor is optimized by computer. The motor has high efficiency and low temperature rise. The reducer adopts the installation standard of internal thread, and the stainless steel threaded sleeve is mounted inside, which is easy to install, and the thread is not easy to damage. The accuracy is high and the loss is small. Molybdenum containing high alloy steel and special heat treatment with 3 long life roller motor, the gear form rigid toughening, wear-resisting gear; gear box filled with advanced nano antiwear grease; long service life, safe and beautiful 4 roller motor using mini box protection, grounding line, the replacement is more convenient and more safe, more beautiful, more clean; the surface treated by a special process and spray painting is more delicate, high-grade, luxurious.