Comparison of high-efficiency motors and normal motors


   At present, China's industrial electricity consumpti […]

   At present, China's industrial electricity consumption is the main component of social electricity consumption, and motor energy consumption occupies a major position in the industrial electricity consumption, therefore, the future of motor energy saving potential. Efficient energy-saving technologies and equipment will be an important part.
In addition, motor repair sees the prospect of an efficient motor as expected. According to the "limited value of energy efficiency of small and medium-sized three-phase induction motor and energy-saving evaluation", China divides the energy efficiency of the motor into three levels, the first level of energy efficiency is the ultra-high efficiency motor, the second level of energy efficiency is the high efficiency motor, and the third level of energy efficiency is the ordinary motor.
"Motor speed control technology industry approach and countermeasures report" shows that 66% of China's total power consumption is consumed in the motor, all kinds of motor operating efficiency lower than the advanced level of 10 to 20 percentage points.
Because the inverter can adjust the motor speed in real time according to the actual needs, the motor can be operated at the most energy-saving speed, which can greatly reduce the power consumption during light-load operation and significantly reduce the comprehensive power consumption of the motor operation, resulting in obvious energy-saving effect , The general power-saving rate of 20% to 30%, the highest even more than 50%, the payback period is generally about 2 years.
Compared with ordinary motors, high-efficiency motors through the use of high-quality materials and optimized design, the average power consumption decreased by about 20%, while the ultra-efficient motor is less than the average loss of more than 30% of the electric motor, high efficiency motor prices than the average Y-motor 15% ~ 30% or so. However, in general, investments in high-efficiency motors above conventional motors are recoverable within two years, saving businesses power over their entire lifecycle.
Improve motor operating efficiency can be mainly through two ways, first, through the inverter speed to improve the operating efficiency of AC motor; the second is the use of high efficiency motor. Therefore, specific to the energy-saving equipment, high-voltage inverter market and efficient motor market can not be underestimated.