Energy efficient motor technology


    Efficient energy-saving motor technology, rare eart […]

    Efficient energy-saving motor technology, rare earth permanent magnet with excellent magnetic properties, light weight and other advantages. China is rich in rare earth resources, the use of rare earth materials development of permanent magnet straight-forward technology has unique advantages. Permanent magnet direct drive motor can be used for wind power generation, electric vehicle drive motor and so on, to further simplify the transmission transmission system to improve energy efficiency.
Energy efficient motor - efficient energy saving. The new motor without iron loss, no magnetic damping, the efficiency has been greatly improved. Field trials with industrial sawing machines show that the system can save 15% of its power consumption under operating conditions compared to conventional systems with conventional motors (induction motors with geared drives). The practical application of the user shows that the 1.5 kilowatts and 3 kilowatts diesel plants using the technology save 40% fuel saving compared with conventional generators.
Energy efficient motor - Lightweight materials. The new motor broke through the traditional motor stator must have the core structure to achieve the stator coreless, so small size, weight is only a fraction of the traditional motor.
Highly efficient and energy-saving motor - high reliability. The new motor without excitation, brushless, iron core, improve the insulation performance, waterproof, moisture, dust, reliable operation, low temperature rise and improve the environmental adaptability under extreme conditions, the traditional motor destructive experiment is generally 500 Hours, the motor up to 5000 hours or more.