Fan motor necessary maintenance


To ensure the normal use of fan motor ventilation is th […]

To ensure the normal use of fan motor ventilation is the most basic requirements. Although the fans do not care about the fundamental elimination of fan failure, if there are some shortcomings in the use of electric motors will seriously affect the use of fans. Today can also have a very big helping role, summed up some common problems with the fan motor and hopefully the fan users have the help.
Motor margin, fan operation. This is a common problem, fans are often high speed and low load in the operating conditions, the fan vibration, strong noise, the working environment is very bad. When the tuning damper is below 10%, the pipe will surge due to the large negative pressure, endangering the safe operation of the equipment. No matter under what circumstances, personal peace, peace is the most important equipment in the factory under the conditions of the power grid, fan inertia torque output. Directly in the motor starting current is high, will lead to high-voltage power line protection, the motor can not start. This requires the user to start the motor and pay full attention to the rated current and voltage supply, so as to allow the starter motor under normal conditions.
The first time each exercise starts, start the power consumption about one day of power consumption in normal operation. Fan power loss is very high during normal operation. The baffle opens for a special 50% below, the air pressure on both sides of the baffle is greater, a great throttling loss and pressure loss. Solve the very complex, users need to master some of the special power of knowledge.