Get The Most Out Of Cooling Equipment


Generally, over time, a neglected cooling tower’s leavi […]

Generally, over time, a neglected cooling tower’s leaving water temperature will increase, raising energy costs by up to 6 percent for every 2°F increase. However, a well-maintained cooling tower will continue to function at the original optimum efficiency, keeping energy costs low.


These simple preventive cooling tower maintenance tips can help users save up to 15 percent on electricity costs. Routine maintenance also helps to conserve water and extend the operating life of cooling equipment.


Before beginning any hands-on work, be sure to follow proper lock-out procedures and disconnect cooling tower motor switches to ensure your safety.


Maintenance frequency varies depending on the condition of the circulating water and the environment in which the unit operates. Good maintenance habits will help prevent equipment failure and extend equipment life. Storing critical parts in inventory will also help reduce downtime in the event of an emergency.