High voltage motor maintenance test pressure resistance method


The hot coil should be put away for a period of time af […]

The hot coil should be put away for a period of time after testing, and then test the withstand voltage. This is a procedure for testing products. According to different working voltage of 3000V, 6000V and 10000V, the voltage withstand standard is required.
Straight or curved portion to prevent penetrated, send some are required to master at the time of hot pressing, our company holds some skills of high voltage motor coil overhaul, repair, hold to copy the coil after wear skills pressure, this need to participate in the study period will know.
From winding coil to wire inlay, a coil is usually done more, with the aim of:
1. models of motor technical data (wire gauge, number of turns, insulation thickness, long straight, bend, lift height and end the minister, pitch angle data).
2. replace which coil is not qualified when it is not qualified.
The high voltage motor is mostly 200KW 2000KW, and the weight is generally more than 3 tons. According to its own conditions, a suitable line crane can be designed to facilitate the maintenance of motor.
Motor stator and rotor in the dust (usually by high-pressure water washing) into the oven baking, cooling is determined after minor repairs or overhaul motor. Repair of high-voltage motor have a set of small forward coil rotor bar tool, wire bending tool, hot pressing tool movement within the stator coil, similar to many gadgets, need self-control, the key is to combine technology and experience. It is the key to not damage the original coil. Remove the coil re processing is time-consuming and laborious, whether is the key to save time on the old coil transformation (used in general high voltage motor wire procurement cycle for 1~2 weeks, which is delaying the repair time, these important issues need to master in learning.).
Small rotor, rotor copper bars (aluminum) to remove out how to change, how to make the standard dressing coil, and how the welding test and a series of processes, one by one not discussed here. When the motor rotor is overhauled, all the coils must be taken out. How to take it and how to keep the good coil are the key technology. For example, a high voltage motor, to be taken out as complete as possible. Keep wire is not damaged, re wrapped, can save money and time. When the coil is reproduced, the line is required to be a waste of time. When the stator is inserted, every three coils are usually subjected to voltage withstanding, so as to prevent the discharge of the coil to the ends of the notches, or to discharge the ends of the ends, as well as the coil damage due to the failure of the down line. After the whole coil is completely embedded, wiring, dividing distance, grouping, wiring, binding, connecting star point and motor lead wire are all operated according to the operation rules of all kinds of motors. The general motor is sealed together after the sealing of the star point, and three connection wires are used outside. There are also special insertion of 6 lead wire outer seal or outer star line. The general wiring needs to be purchased from the designated high-voltage cable manufacturer. All the wiring is finished, and the whole machine can be finished once again.