Motor maintenance is particularly important in life


As we all know, every product has its own time limit, t […]

As we all know, every product has its own time limit, the motor has already played an important role in our life. As a power source for electrical appliances and various machines, the motor may be aged and dampened after a long time.
According to the method of use and the place used, it may be heated, eroded and even invaded by foreign bodies. These problems will cause certain damage to the motor. If the motor itself is overloaded and undervoltage overvoltage, it will cause the fault of the motor winding. This will not only affect the efficiency of the motor, but also cause a certain threat to our personal safety. Motor maintenance is particularly important at this time.
Due to the excessive fluctuation of the supply voltage or the single-phase operation during the operation of the motor, the outer insulation of the winding line is damaged due to mechanical contact. The short circuit between the windings and the windings will cause short circuit. At this time, the magnetic field of ions will be distributed unevenly due to short-circuit, and the imbalance of three-phase currents will make the running motors vibrate and intensify in operation. When the short circuit problem is serious, the motor can't start normally, even in short circuited coil, it will generate huge short circuit current. The coil will burn out in a short time. Therefore, no matter the household motor or the high voltage motor used in production, it is necessary to check and maintain the motor in the process of use.