Machinery And Equipment Industry Competition Is Increasing


Increasing competition in machinery and equipment indus […]

Increasing competition in machinery and equipment industry in China is expected to further upgrade.As the basic industry of the national economy, the development of machinery manufacturing industry has a direct impact on the development of various sectors of the national economy, but also affect the strengthening of national economy and national defense forces.Therefore, all countries put the development of machinery manufacturing in the first place.With the increasing competition in the international market of mechanical products,The major companies are high-tech into the development of mechanical products, as an important means of winning competition.
According to the latest statistics, 2017 from January to May the overall economic operation of the machinery industry is stable, high growth rate down.In the major categories of industries, the automobile manufacturing industry continues to lead the industry growth, from January to May the industry industrial added value increased by about 13%, higher than the mechanical industry average of 2.5 percentage points.
At present, the construction machinery enterprises are also facing many challenges, large data companies are still in the industrial 2.0 and 3.0 era, intelligent factory investment, across the development will increase the greater cost; followed by intelligent products need intelligent sensor device applications, the cost increase And reliability is also a long process. I believe in the country, "Made in China 2025" under the guidance of the strategy, through the construction machinery enterprises and Internet companies in-depth cooperation and continuous exploration, will be the construction machinery intelligent, mobile Internet applications do a good job, based on the Chinese characteristics of intelligent application direction go ahead.